Do You Know Your World?

How often have we stared at a travel brochure or watched a documentary and wished that we were in a different part of the world exploring other cultures, taking in interesting sights and enriching our lives with precious knowledge?

Now you can, without leaving the comfort of the library!

Central Library’s Book Cover Display, “Get To Know Your World” not only showcases the books that the library has on the culture and customs of many different countries but is also accompanied by memorabilia, brochures, posters and gift books from the various embassies in Singapore.

So do pop by Central Library today and get to know your world!

For the list of book covers displayed (does not include gift books from embassies), please click here:

To view more pictures, please go to:

  1. Unrelated, but I walked past the Central Library today and saw the Singapore maps exhibition. Thanks for bringing it to NUS!

  2. Maggie Yin

    Thanks! The exhibition at the lobby area was done by National Archives of Singapore. We don’t have the resources to do such a big exhibit. Glad you enjoyed it 🙂

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