The Naked Librarian

I have been asked to describe The Naked Librarian in a few short lines.


A few short lines? No way. I am bearing my all.


TNL likes and dislikes:


Discovering the most significant data in the most insignificant database.

Discovering that the most insignificant database does not allow efficient downloads of the most significant data.


Talking to students.

Finding out students she talks to have nothing to say.


Talking to students who make sense.

Finding out that it was cents not sense.


Beautiful people…

… until they start talking.


Smart people …

….until they start strutting.






Mamma Mia


The aromatic fragrance of durians

Its rich, mushy taste.


Penang laksa with its thick, fishy, assam soup with the fragrance and taste of finely sliced bunga kantan, not forgetting the fresh leafy mint and cucumber and top it all with dark, thick prawn paste (Heaven…)

Going all the way to Lorong Selamat, Penang to get a decent bowl of it.


Leafy green forests with trees that reach the skies

Bugs that live in leafy green forests



Not being able to read



The day when there aren’t any.

  1. I hope you’re referring to Mamma Mia the movie, ‘cos I watched the musical and it was fantastic. The trailer for the movie was enough to put me off, so I didn’t even bother watching it.

  2. Maggie

    You’re kidding right? The singing for most part was atrocious. Still can’t beat the original.

  3. The Naked Librarian

    Of course the movie. Ugghh.. dont get me started on Meryl Streep.

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