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Hooray… finally the freshly baked and Computer Science Subject Guide is out from the oven for the Academic 2008/09!

Though not a comprehensive subject guide, we have pulled together a selective list of resources that are most useful for locating information in Computer Science. The resources are grouped under these categories: Databases, Journals, Reference Sources, Theses, Library Instruction & Tips, Internet Sources, Associations, and Patents & Standards.

You can use the Subject Guide as your Survival Reference for locating different types of resources that can meet your study and information needs:

  • You may want to find out about the various Associations in the area of Computer Science
  • If you are an undergraduate student, you may want to explore the various Encyclopedias and Handbooks to learn more about the subject areas:
  • If you are a graduate student, you may want to explore the various Databases, Journals, Research & Citation, Theses, and Patents & Standards to understand the recent developments in the fields

To make it easier for you to access and share these resources with your peers, we have added the following 3 Utilities in the subject guide:

1. AddThis (appears as SHARE) – Add our subject guide to your Favourite, email it to your friends, add a link to it into your profiles in Facebook or MySpace, etc.
2. – Access the bookmarks tagged by resource types, add me to your network, view and tag our resources into your profile, exchange favourites with us, etc.
3. RSS – Add an RSS to our profile so that you will be the first to know any updates or additions that we have.
Patrick Pu & Tan Kah Ching
Central Library

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  2. Fiona Kwan

    Keep up the good works and keep the energy flowing with good information…Great job dear lbrarians!

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