Saved By a Link

The other day, a grad student rushed in to see me, dropped his heavy bag on the floor be side me and rattled, “Tell-me-how-to-get…
… the-most-current updates…
… from-The Economist and …
….a whole bunch-of-other-magazines. How?” I looked at him, blinked twice and said, “Long time no see. What’s up?” He looked at me incredulously, blinked twice and replied, “How?”

With him looming over me (he refused to take a seat), I showed him how to set RSS Feeds and also to save searches. He went away with a parting shot, “Thanks, that-was-helpful. I-am-going-to-try these out”. Well, at least, he had stopped panting.

His little whizz-by visit reminded me of how absolutely lovely save search links are.

It works this way. You run a search. You like it. You click on an icon and the next screen gives you a url. This url or link has the search string and our library proxy embedded in it. This basically means you can copy this persistent link and keep it anywhere. When you feel like running that search again, click on the persistent link and the database will check whether you are a valid user of the database (IT people call this authentication) and then runs the search for you.

What you get is a list of the most current articles or records of that particular search. This is one way of staying up-to-date with latest published on a particular topic in that database with one click. One click.

Not all databases have a save search link feature. A very popular newspaper database which is used all the time does not have it. It has a saved search feature but it doesn’t provide the same convenience.

Anyway, here are some search links you can try out.

Click on this link to run a dissertation search in Proquest Dissertations and Theses. The search is on cyber-bullying in the workplace.

Click this link to run a search in Business Source Premier. The search on environmental policies and multinationals in China.

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