Apples and Oranges

A pretty young thing came to see me the other day. She was getting anxious over a group presentation which was due soon. One of the groups that presented that week had their presentation ripped, shredded and torn apart. Questions flew fast and furious. What basis did they draw their conclusions from? Statements were shaky. Sources of information were doubtful. Are you sure there is no evidence that states otherwise? Ms Lovely groaned. “I knew right then that our group was in deep sh**. And its due in 2 weeks time! We have nothing, nothing!”, she said, her voice getting a tad too screechy for my delicate ears.

It was an assignment where they had to choose two Asian brands and discuss brand identification. Ms Lovely and her group decided to choose a local beauty-fitness brand because of one of the group mates’ mother’s friend had a son working in the company (Got lobang, can get interview easily mah!). I asked Ms Lovely what her second Asian brand was. She told me they were waiting for a local kaya toast company and a famous curry puff company reply to their requests for interviews. Uhhh… ok.. correct me if I am wrong but I thought you were suppose to compare the brand identification of two Asian brands so uhh, maybe apples should be compared with apples? Or am I that blur? For a brief moment, I saw “retirement” flashing in neon colors right before my bleary eyes. Ms Lovely replied with eyes like Bambi, “No, it doesn’t say “compare” in the question. It just says “choose two Asian brands”. But that is an idea. Comparing two similar types of products will probably make our presentation better. Thanks!”

I happened to bump into one of the tutors of that module the other day. “Hey, you know that group assignment you guys gave, the one with two Asian brands? Did you want a comparison of the two brands?” I asked. “Then what?” she said. I replied, “Eh, your student said not stated in your assignment-leh.” Suffice to say her comments after that were unprintable.

Note: Just for the record, The Naked Librarian is not due for retirement yet.

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