LexisNexis Academic Database – Enhancements

The LexisNexis Academic database has introduced new enhancements to the database. The new user friendly interface will enable you to maximize your ability to search the database quickly and efficiently. Some of the new features include

Easy Search  Form
Check off as many of the nine major categories of content as needed, and Easy Search will search across all of the content types selected. You also have the option to conduct a Boolean search or a natural language search, similar to searching on the web.

Power Search Form
You can search broad source categories or specify a single publication. Use this form when you need precise control over which sources are to be searched and how the search is done. On-screen tools and pop-ups help you with the advanced features.

Content Specific Search Form
Use this form to conduct powerful searches within a specific type of content such as “News”, “Legal”, “Business” or “People”.

SmartIndexing Terms
You can refine your search using SmartIndexing terms in all NEWS and Company documents. You may click on indexing terms in a full text document to add them to the original search and change the search, or you can just use the terms as a “focus” on the current results set.

Vimala Nambiar ~ Central Library

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