An Exhibition & Talks at Chinese Library

In conjunction with the book fair organized by the NUS Chinese Studies Students’ Society, an exhibition on 书话 was put up for three days from 28th – 30th January in Chinese Library. The books featured in the exhibition focused on well-known Chinese writers who described how books and reading have made an impact in their lives and influenced their career in writing.

A session on crosstalk (相声) was also organized for NUS staff and students which covered the development and characteristics of crosstalk.

To celebrate Chinese New Year last month, the Chinese Library partnered with the NUS Chinese Society to present two programmes on 4th February. One was an onsite Chinese New Year Couplet (春联) Writing where student calligraphers wrote couplets which were given away free to staff and students. The other programme was a talk on “Year of the Rat and Fengshui Culture” given by Mr. Tong Noong Chin (董农政). The origins of fengshui and its historical development from ancient China to the present were discussed. The speaker also touched on the interpretations of the geomantic omen in the Year of the Rat in a scientific approach.

The activities arranged by the Chinese Library were well attended by NUS staff and students. These activities were accompanied by book displays on topics related to the talk.

Chan Chew Ee ~ Chinese Library

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