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Sennojo the new Master of Japanese Comedy comes to Singapore

In a world saturated with myriads of comedy, now televised to suit our life style, here comes a much awaited opportunity to witness one of its oldest forms, performed by a youthful scion. In September this year, Shigeyama Sennojo returns to Singapore by popular demand to perform two full kyogen programmes. A 700-year-old theatre form, kyogen, a comic relief to the long and quiet Japanese stylised theatre, noh.

Sennojo was born into the 14th generation of the Shigeyama family, one of the prominent families in the Okura kyogen school. The Shigeyama family has made comedy its business and way of life, and Shigeyama Sennojo is literally a true, blue comedian. He carries with him a 300-year-old lineage and tradition in this art of levity. At 36, Sennojo has already accumulated 33 years of experience under his belt in public performance, and 34 in public appearances, having been initiated to the stage at two and a half years old. Last year, he has officially inherited his grandfather’s name, changing his own from Doji to Sennojo the Third. Succeeding a predecessor’s name has to be earned through years of hard work and with true talent, even for an heir apparent like Sennojo!

Charming and charismatic, Sennojo possesses that natural disposition of a true comedian. His sonorous laughter fills up the theatre space, and his graceful comic movements power the imagination of his audience, even in the absence of props. With his strong command of the English language, Sennojo has been making waves with bilingual kyogen, endearing a wide audience to this ancient form of theatre.

No stranger to Singapore, Sennojo first played on our stage as Shakespeare in the Japanese reinterpretation of Richard III (written by Noda Hideki) of the 2016 edition of the Singapore International Festival of Arts. On 6 and 7 September, audience in Singapore will be able to gain new insights on kyogen by attending Sennojo’s lively pre-show lectures delivered in English with his special brand of kyogen humour. The two shows present the repertoire of a kyogen master who has come of age, this time, with a contemporary twist.

Lee Chor Lin





千之丞さんのシンガポール公演も今回が三回目となります。2016年にはSingapore International Festival of Arts(シンガポール国際芸術祭)で野田秀樹翻案・演出のシェークスピア劇「三代目、りちゃぁど」 に出演しました。この九月の二つの演目は、現代的なツイストをかけた人気の演目となっており、彼の本領である狂言のユーモアをシンガポールで大いにお楽しみいただけることと思います。


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