Shigeyama Sennojo 茂山千之丞

Born in 1983, Shigeyama Sennojo belongs to the 14th generation of kyogen performers from the Shigeyama Sengoro family, a kyogen family of the Okura school dating back to the Edo period (1603- 1868). The former Shigeyama Doji inherited his grandfather’s name in December 2018, an affirmation of his talent and achievement in the art form. Sennojo was a disciple of his grandfather Shigeyama Sennojo II and his father Akira and made his kyogen debut at the age of 3 in the play The Sorcerer’s Apprentice (Mahotsukai no Deshi) in 1986. Other than acting, Sennojo also writes and directs for the NOHO Gekidan theatre company, whose new style kyogen plays fuse traditional Japanese performing arts with contemporary Western theatre. Fluent in both English and Japanese, Sennojo often performs bilingual kyogen within Japan and internationally. He is best known to Singaporean audiences for his role as Shakespeare in the play Sandaime Richard (dir. Ong Keng Seng) staged during the 2016 Singapore International Festival of Arts (SIFA). Sennojo has been awarded the Kyoto Prefecture Culture Prize this year and hopes to create new kyogen plays that will still be performed one hundred years from now.

1983年生まれの茂山千之丞は 、京都に江戸時代初期から続く大蔵流狂言方の茂山千五郎家の十四代目として活躍している。2018年に祖父の名前を受け継ぎ、それはかれの才能と芸術の重要な到達点となった。茂山千之丞は父茂山あきらおよび祖父二世茂山千之丞に師事。3歳で「NOHO(能法)劇団」の『魔法使いの弟子』にて初舞台。狂言以外にも、日本の伝統芸能と現代の西洋劇場を融合した新しいスタイルの狂言劇を演じる「NOHO劇団」の作・演出を引き受けている。英語と日本語の両方を話す千之丞は、日本国内に限らず、海外でもバイリンガル狂言公演を行っている。さらに、若手アーティストや劇団とのコラボレーションを行うなど表現者としての新境地を切り開いてきた。日本・シンガポール・インドネシア 国際共同制作「三代目、りちゃあど」にも出演した。2019年第37回京都府文化賞奨励賞を受賞。


Iguchi Tatsuya 井口達也

Iguchi Tatsuya is one of the kyogen performers not born into the Shigeyama family, but was trained as a kyogen performer after he finished schooling. He was deeply moved by the image of the bell when he saw Shigeyama Sensaku (former Sengoro XIII) perform the play The Ring of Bells (Kane no Ne). Falling in love with kyogen, Iguchi became Sensaku’s disciple and eventually graduated from the Kyoto Nohgaku Training Association in 2011 and became a professional actor. Together with fellow Kyoto Nohgaku Association members Masuda Hiroki, Shimada Hiromi, Suzuki Minoru and Yamashita Moriyuki, he formed the Goshokai (The Five Laughs Club) in the same year. Tatsuya was also a member of the Shigeyama kyogen group that performed in Chicago and Washington, D.C. in 2010.

狂言一家の出身ではない井口竜也は、自ら志して狂言の世界に入った 。茂山千作「当代」の『鐘の音』を初めて見て心動かされ、この経験によって、井口は狂言師になることを決めた。2003年、十三世茂山 千五郎(現 千作)に師事。2011年京都能楽養成会を卒業し、同年京都能楽会に入会。茂山家の血族以外の同門増田浩紀・島田洋海・鈴木実・山下守之と共に「五笑会」を結成する。海外での狂言公演にも参加している。


Yamashita Moriyuki 山下守之

Hailing from Kagoshima, Yamashita Moriyuki is another kyogen actor not born into the Shigeyama family. In 2001 He decided to study kyogen in Kyoto, although he had to stop when family issues put a momentary stop to this pursuit. In 2008, Moriyuki was able to resume tutelage under Sengoro XIII (present Sensaku V) to become a professional kyogen actor. Together with Iguchi and a few other members from the Nohgaku Association members, he formed the Goshokai (The Five Laughs Club). Moriyuki has also taken part in various performances and demonstrations of kyogen overseas; a notable performance being the world premier of Lafcadio Hearn’s Chin Chin Kobakama in kyogen style in 2018.

鹿児島出身の山下守之も茂山家出身ではない狂言者の一人である。2001年、茂山正邦(現 千五郎)との出会いから十三世茂山千五郎(現千作)に入門、師事する。家庭の事情のために、狂言師になることを一度断念したが、2008年、プロとしての再出発を決意、十三世茂山千五郎(現 千作)に再入門、師事。井口竜也、また同門の四人と共に「五笑会」を結成した。これまでに、狂言の海外公演やデモンストレーションにも参加。注目された公演の一つは狂言スタイルのラフカディオ・ハーンの「ちんちんこばかま」である。

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