Courses I taught (AY2017/18 to AY2018/19)

  • Sem 1 AY2017/18 ST5214 Advanced Probability Theory
  • Sem 2 AY2017/18 ST3236/MA3238 Stochastic Processes I
  • Sem 1 AY2018/19 SP4261 Articulating Probability and Statistics in Court (co teach with Prof Tan Wei Ling, Stella)

Selected courses that I taught

  • MA2216 (Probability), MA4251 (Stochastic Processes II), MA5261 (Applied Stochastic Processes), MA6291 (co-taught with Louis HY Chen and Qiman Shao on Special Topics in Mathematics: Stein’s Method), MH409 (co-taught with Seng Kee Chua, Real Analysis I)
  • UQR 2202 (Uncertainty), UQF2101F (Calculating Risks) as joint appointment with the University Scholars Program
  • Freshman seminars

Former PhD students

  • David Chew Soon Huat (co-supervised with Ming Ying Leung)
    Senior Lecturer with the Department of Statistics and Applied Probability, NUS
  • Mst Papia Sultana (Primary supervisor: Jialiang Li; I am the secondary supervisor)
    Professor of Statistics, University of Rajshahi, Bangladesh
  • Wanting Zhao (co-supervised with Jialiang Li)
    Assistant Director, Health Promotion Board
  • Juntao Li (Main supervisor: R K M Karuturi from GIS)
    Biostatistician, Lundbeck Singapore
  • Si Li (co-supervised with Louxin Zhang)
  • Ngoc Hieu Tran (co-supervised with Louis HY Chen)
    Post-doctoral Fellow, Cheriton School of Computing, University of Waterloo
  • Dechao Tian
    Post-doctoral Associate, Computational Biology Department, Carnegie Mellon University

Current PhD student

  • Gao Shuang