A European Odyssey

Hello! Thanks for visiting my blog! In my previous post, I introduced the concept of carbon credits, which saw clubs trying to offset their carbon footprint. Hence, I thought it would be fitting to discuss a key contributing factor to each club’s carbon footprint – air travel! With the Champions League kicking off last week, […]

The Legitimacy of Carbon Offsets

Hello! Great to see you return to my blog! Last week, I discussed the possibility of clubs reducing their carbon emissions through the use of renewable energies. Hence, I thought it would be perfect to continue the discussion of carbon emissions through this week’s blog by introducing the concept of carbon credits. So what exactly […]

A Green Substitute

Hello! A warm welcome back to my blog. In the last post, I discussed how clubs can reduce their electricity consumption by switching to LED floodlights. But throughout the week, I have been thinking through the various ways football stadiums consume electricity. This includes the lamps to stimulate plant growth, to the advertising board around […]

Under The Spotlight

Hello! Thanks for visiting my blog yet again! Previously, I discussed football pitches and their impacts on water consumption. Hence I thought it would be relevant to talk about another important aspect of football stadiums: floodlights! Floodlights are integral as they allow both the audiences and players to see what’s actually going on during evening […]

A Thirsty Sport?

Hello! Great to see you back here! As I’ve discussed the various infrastructures associated with football, I thought it would be logical to consider the pitch itself. After all, there’s no way the game can be played if there’s no proper pitch, to begin with. However, there are certain concerns regarding the use and maintenance […]

Fueling The Game

Hi, thanks for dropping by again! Last week, I discussed the relationship between fans and food. Hence, I thought it would be great to continue that theme this week by exploring the players’ diet. To give you a background, most professional clubs have their own sports nutritionists that are in charge of the players’ diets. […]

The Half-Time Dash for Food

Hello, welcome back to my blog! As you may recall, last week’s post served as the kick-off point for the start of my blogging journey. Hence, it’s only natural that we proceed to talk about the half-time period, which is the next most significant time phase. For those unfamiliar with the sport, the half-time interval […]

And Kick-off!

Hello, thanks for stopping by my blog! I’m Yu Xun, a Year One student enrolled in the Bachelor of Environmental Studies programme at the National University of Singapore.  Growing up, I’ve always found documentaries, such as the ones produced by National Geographic and Discovery Channel, particularly interesting. As a result of my upbringing, wildlife conservation […]