The Future of Industrial Pollution

Throughout this blog, i have walked you guys through the various stakeholders, causes, impacts and solutions of industrial pollution. Industrial pollution often stems from the lack of exposure to proper emissions disposal, high cost of property waste disposal and also the convenience brought about by the irresponsible emissions disposal.

One key point to note about current industrial pollutants emissions is the delayed effects brought about by time lag and also the partial spillover of the non-point sources. Industrial pollution not only affects the emission country, but also the neighbouring countries as well. I have explored this transnational pollution from the perspective of China.

Industrial pollution is primarily driven by industrialisation and there are even claims for economic development over the industrial pollutant by countries like Vietnam. This is, however, not appropriate where we can see the negative impacts of industrial pollution in sectors such as the textile industries, the cancer villages emergence in China and the trade villages in Vietnam.

I have also explored that relocating industrial pollution from one place to another is not a long-term solution as this just shifts the problem from one site to another. Stronger and more determinant efforts are required to solve or reduce the rate of increase of industrial pollution such as stronger political will, increase access of technical assistance for the industrial operators as well as monetary support for the transition towards a zero-emission goal.

I hope that this blog has created new insights on about the 5W1Hs of industrial pollution and hopefully industrial pollution will reduce in scale in the near future, with the cooperation of the industries, clean emissions technology companies, the government and other relevant agencies.

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