A look into the current solutions for a cleaner industrial emissions

This video shows GE Power’s Air Quality Control Systems (AQCS) that regulate emissions for particulate and gaseous pollutants from power plants and industrial operations. These two sectors contribute to more than 60% of the energy demand. GE Power has the expertise, technology and comprehensive product portfolio to meet the regulatory specifications to curb air pollution.

GE Power recognise the hazardous nature of the particular matter, and one of their technological invention is the fabric filter, where the efficiency to remove particulates exceeds more than 99.97% (GE Power, n.d.). This significant reduction of particulate emissions reduces the emissions of nano particles that are often more hazardous than their larger counterparts due to their heightened penetrability into places like the brain cells.

However, these forms of clean emission technology are often expensive and might not be readily available in the developing countries, where a significant amount of industrial operations operate there due to the lower cost of operation. But, these industries might not have the financial capability to afford the expertise and technology of clean emissions companies such as GE Power. As such, the transboundary nature of the emitted pollutants continue to plague these developing countries and their surrounding neighbours with air pollution.

A more pressing issue is that the pollutants can be altered during the transportation phases into a secondary pollutant. The secondary pollutant have the potential to cause more damage than the primary pollutant. The most significant thing about these secondary pollutants are that regulations are difficult to be in place as it is difficult to attribute the source of the secondary pollutant to the primary source and the primary pollutant.

In conclusion, technology advancement proves to be capable of reducing the emissions of air pollutants into the air, subjected to the willingness and ability of the industrial operators to install these clean technologies.


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Video source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JHcn6iu1VBs

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