A brief introduction to industrial pollution (The “What”)

Industrial pollution is generally referred to the undesirable outcome when factories (or other industrial plants) emits harmful by-products and waste into the environment such as emissions to air or water bodies (water pollution), deposition on landfills etc (land pollution) or emission of toxic chemicals into the atmosphere (air pollution). The video below will provide an insight to the various forms of industrial pollution.

This form of pollution has been exacerbated and aggravated by industrial revolution (which i will be discussing in my subsequent post on the causes of industrial pollution). Thus, by reading (and sharing) this blog post of mine, you (and I) have been indirectly contributing to industrial pollution, where the harmful effects may not be experienced in the country of consumption (hence industrial pollution is trans-boundary in nature). We have to look into the various stages (and countries)  of production of electricity, computers, transportation of computers etc.

Follow me through this journey where I will be shining light on the vastness of industrial pollution.


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