Digital innovation is changing the nature of business across all sectors of the economy at a faster pace than ever before. Whether it is financial institutions, retailers, SMEs, or IT functions across all sectors, it is imperative for organizations to adapt to these changes in order to survive and thrive. For professionals across all sectors who are interested in updating themselves on the latest computing trends, this is an event not to be missed. Learn from our international panel of academic experts and senior management of organizations such as Monetary Authority of Singapore, Smart Nation Digital Government Office, IBM, Standard Chartered, Singtel, Zalora, Accenture, and other leaders as they bring you up to speed on these hot button topics. Register now for this complimentary technology and business trends workshop!

Panel 1: Financial Technology (FinTech) Innovation and the Singapore Business Environment

Sample topics:

  • What are the potential areas in which FinTech may be truly game-changing for industries in Singapore?
  • How and when will FinTech innovations help SMEs improve financing or cash management?
  • Will FinTech innovations in insurance or hedging help SMEs better manage operational risks?
  • Blockchain and the CIO: is it important for the IT model of non-financial companies?

Panel 2: Advancing Digital Commerce through Customer Analytics

Sample topics:

  • How can customer analytics be applied to gain strategic insights in product/service innovation?
  • What are the key challenges in cultivating an analytics culture in an enterprise?
  • Is the start-up cost for building analytics capabilities high and how to go about doing so?
  • What are the issues for SMEs to make use of social media and big data analytics and possible solutions?

Panel 3: Smart Nation: Instrumented, Innovative, and Participatory

Sample topics:

  • How to develop a Smart Nation as an open lab for innovation?
  • How can the challenges of retrofitting (transforming existing cities to smart cities) be met, particularly in terms of sensors and instrumentation?
  • How can SMEs participate in and benefit from the transformation of Singapore to a Smart Nation?
  • How can business contribute towards and leverage the Smart Nation initiative?

About BiZiT Festival 2017

BiZiT Festival 2017 is a pioneering event championed by the BiZiT Society to promote a greater visibility of the business and information technology industry in Singapore. It provides exposure and opportunities for tertiary students to work on real-world challenges in collaboration with some of the industry’s titans such as Singtel, Standard Chartered and Accenture. It is not merely a hackathon, but will feature a series of workshops, talks, and competitions that culminate in a two days finale. The three competitions on Smart Nation, Big Data and FinTech are designed and angled such that they are relevant and applicable to challenges faced by the business and information technology industry today. Participants will benefit from the immense educational values provided by BiZiT Festival.

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