New Post-Doctoral Research Fellow Position Available!

A new three-year-long post-doctoral research fellow position (turbulent fire modelling) will be available in The Computational Combustion and Energy Group at NUS since April 1, 2018. The researchers who have the background of fluid mechanics, combustion, thermodynamics, heat and mass transfer are encouraged to apply. For any further questions regarding this position, please directly contact Dr. Zhang Huangwei (

Please apply online:

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One thought on “New Post-Doctoral Research Fellow Position Available!

  1. Dear prof.,

    My name is Liyan Sun from Zhejiang University, P.R. China. I have get the Ph.D from Harbin Institute of Technology in 2016 and work in ZJU now. I write this email to inquire wether an open position as a postdoctoral fellow is availabel in your group. My major is thermal engineering and I am engage in some studies about reactive gas-solid flow. For a long time, I am very interested in the research of CFD model development. Now I focus on chemical looping combustion and gasification aiming to reduce CO2 emission into atmosphere, which is similiar to your work, I think. So, I write to you to apply the postdoctoral research assitant. Hope you can give me a chance to enter your group.

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