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Relocating Home Transcript

Chris This is Home on the Dot, the podcast about the meaning of home in Singapore, as told through the lives of students from the National University of Singapore. I’m Chris McMorran.  I’ve spent the past two weeks cleaning closets and packing boxes, preparing to move to an apartment half…

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Homebody Transcript

Chris When Covid lockdowns began around a year ago, some people joked that homebodies didn’t even notice. While many young people bristled at being stuck at home, it was thought that homebodies were glad to no longer attend class in person or pretend to have fun at parties. In this…

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The Home Game Transcript

Chris This is Home on the Dot. I’m Chris McMorran. As a professor at the National University of Singapore, I created this podcast to better understand what home means to my students. So my student producers and I have shared stories about objects and spaces associated with home, like paper…

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Hawker Centers: Singapore’s Living Heritage Transcript

Chris This is Home on the Dot. I’m Chris McMorran. On 17th December 2020, at the end of this otherwise depressing year, Singapore receives some welcomed news. Singapore’s Hawker Culture was added to the UNESCO Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity. That’s quite a mouthful. This new…

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Home in a Rot Transcript

Chris Welcome to Home on the Dot. I’m Chris McMorran. I admit it. I’m obsessed. I’m obsessed with the seismic shift the Covid-19 pandemic is having on higher education. In particular, I’m obsessed with how Covid-19 has transformed what I consider a central element of higher education: leaving home.  For…

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