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Should I Stay or Should I Go? (COVID-19 and Study Abroad) Transcript

Chris Welcome to a special episode of Home on the Dot. I’m Chris McMorran, recording in my office at the National University of Singapore It’s Friday, March 20, 2020, and we are all living in a COVID-19 world. Countries have closed their borders and placed their populations on lockdown. In…

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Handmade Tale Transcript

Shriya That’s my grandmother making a chapatti, a flatbread made out of wholewheat flour and water and is a staple in South Asian cuisines.  It is served with one or more vegetable or meat dishes and sits at the heart of meals cooked in homes all around the world.  First,…

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Home Brew Transcript

Chris Step into any kopitiam on a Saturday morning, and you’ll find a buzz in the air, fueled by the rich smell of eggs, toast, and coffee.  What is the flavor of home? What is the flavor of Singapore? Singapore has plenty of national dishes:  Hainanese chicken rice, laksa, chilli…

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Halfway Home Transcript

Chris Nestled in a grove of leafy shade trees far from the bustling skyscrapers of modern Singapore, lies a large, beautiful two-story house. The windows in its grand facade look out over the trees, and its driveway is large enough for two luxury cars.  It’s surrounded by a chain-link fence…

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High-Rise Dying Transcript

Chris This is Home on the Dot. Welcome to the Columbarium. This is what it sounds like, to make an offering to the dead. Jia Han’s Father 拿一个盘子放水果。纸袋放这边。 Jia Han’s Mother 把那些食物拿出来,然后罩打开它。 Chris Removing fish, rice and fruit from the plastic bag. Jia Han’s Mother 筷子跟汤匙排好,然后挺好它。 Jia Han 那个杯要去洗吗? Jia…

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Homelanding Transcript

Ching May “When you live long enough in a foreign land, the land becomes your homeland. ” Tang Dynasty official Huang Qiao told his children this when he sent them away from home. More than a millennium later, his words continue to capture the experience of many migrants.  For the…

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