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Home School Transcript

Sam It’s almost 11.30 on a Saturday morning, and I’m making my way from the train station to my cousin’s apartment in the heartlands of Bukit Panjang. I’ve been coming here at the same time almost every week for the past couple of years. But I’m not here to see…

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Home Campus Transcript

Chris For most young people, moving into a dorm means moving away from home for the first time. The experience can be both thrilling and frightening, with more academic and social freedom than ever before. Students can discover exciting new subjects, explore their passions through clubs, make lifelong friends, and…

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HomeWork Machine Transcript

Chris Do you recognise this sound? That’s the hum of a Singer sewing machine. A machine like this used to be found in homes around the world, making and mending clothing and creating beautiful decorative arts like quilts. For many families, it was essential for managing the household budget, especially…

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Pilot Transcript

Chris Home is one of the most powerful, yet misunderstood concepts in any language. You don’t believe me? Like a magnet, home both attracts and repels. People can feel homesick for it or run away from it. You can be permanently exiled from your homeland, or you may lose your…

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