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Home in a Rot

What is the value of study abroad? It is a rare opportunity to live and learn overseas. In the life of a Singaporean student, it is a narrow window of ultimate freedom, when educational success can take a back seat to exploration: exploration of the culture, flavors, landscapes, and people of another country, as well as oneself. But first one has to leave home. In this episode of our Covid-19 mini-series, Chris talks with student-producer Shaun and his classmates Tiffany and Zack about their anticipation and preparation for exchange to Japan, which was abruptly canceled in March 2020. Beyond the lost study abroad experience, the students share their loss of an entire semester of their studies, and in some ways, their lives, as they have rotted at home.

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Additional Links about Covid-19 and Study Abroad:

– Singapore’s Ministry of Education Press Release:

– Detailed information provided by NUS on the SEP cancellation and next steps:

– Article by The Straits Times on the SEP cancellation:

– Shaun and Tiffany within the compounds of their dormitory

– The first and only trip to Ritsumeikan

– A photo to mark their last night at the dormitory

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