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The shock of coming home too soon

This episode marks the beginning of a mini-series of episodes from Home on the Dot about Covid. In this episode, student producer Shriya Sharma shares about her exchange experience in France being cut short. What was supposed to be a five-month-long adventure ended in two months. Shriya describes what it was like hearing the news of her premature recall and making her way back home during a pandemic. She ruminates on her quarantine experience, locked in with her family, and appreciating the safety of home in the Covid present.

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Additional Links about Covid-19 and Study Abroad:

– Singapore’s Ministry of Education Press Release:

– Reflection by Shriya on her study abroad experiences:
The unforeseen yet memorable semester

– Shriya in Reims, France. This was her first week there, exploring the city.

– Shriya with her friends on exchange. Spending the last day in school capturing these memories.

– Shriya and her friend managing to catch a car ride to Paris after missing their train during France’s lockdown.

– Finally making their way back home!

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