When most of us think of mind games, there is a particular consideration for malicious intent. It is generally associated with the mentality of being misled or disheartened after being led to believe one thing and yet another has occurred. However, there is a different side to mind games that should be considered. That is the ability for self-growth; the ability to use your own mind to focus on and create what you want.

There are many options for this. For some, it maybe mindful yoga or meditation and for others it is following a guru’s guidance. But for all, it is about learning which path to seek that best suits their needs. With several options including the desire to start through eating properly or exercise, the foundation of what is needed are two things: a good coach or plan to help get you there and the mental desire to commit to the goal.

Take for example, David Michigan. A simple guy born to a normal family; he discovered that using his mind was the foundation for the continuous development he desired and wanted to help others discover that as well. Using his own methods, he has created his own concept of mind games for self improvement. He rocks the world with his tattoos and ‘Spartan’ modelling career; and people love it. 4 million of them to be exact. Focusing on mental training, David seeks to elevate those around him by teaching them how to train their mind, and he shows them by doing.

This is essential to what he believes is the starting point for mental development. With David, you do not just get a motivational person, he practices what he preaches. A simple look at his online accounts shows the hard work he puts in. He is not just saying he is able to accomplish a successful goal, it radiates through his focus and mental reconditioning. He believes that there is a difference between having the desire for something and wanting to control it.

That is what mind games should be. The focus of the person to actively control through self-hypnosis and decide for themselves the outcome of life that they are looking for. And not all motivational speakers and self-help people practice this concept. Fundamentally, yes, the idea is there. But if you look across the platform of #1 speakers on the planet; many of them do not do much outside of write books and tour. Most often, it is a case of having an idea, selling the books and making money. They tell people what to do, but it is not a whole-body experience. That is the difference between guru’s. Those who tell you to manifest in a certain way or manner, and those who show you how they accomplished it and how to navigate and adapt their concepts to match your goals. Therefore, align your self and future goals with a well-rounded concept that matches everything, because no one likes mind games unless the mind is trained properly.

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