Jump Into Agroecology

Welcome back! Turns out, frogs are more than just farmed, they are also used in farming of other species! After looking at how frogs are farmed, I noticed an interesting term: integrated rice-frog farming. This is an example of agroecology, which is a method of sustainable agriculture that addresses unsustainable systems by using localised solutions. Integrated […]

Hopping On The Bandwagon of Frog Farming

Hello! I was curious about frog farming, and started googling. One interesting observation I realised in my search was that there surprisingly little on frog farming, details regarding what the frogs are fed and the practices involved to grow them is mysteriously missing from superficial searches online. This is especially noteworthy due to the notion […]

Decision Making: On Food and Morals

Hello! So far, we’ve looked at two foods that have more to them than meets the eye, in terms of their environmental story. It got me thinking about how all foods have dimensions that are rarely considered by consumers. I did a quick survey of 42 people in total, age range of 19-24. Respondents were […]

Start of the Journey

Hello! I’m Anna, a Year 1 Bachelor of Environmental Studies student in NUS. Since I was young, I’ve loved nature, it was so fun to be outside and the Earth was full of such interesting biodiversity. But it was when I went to junior college that my passion for the environment really ignited. I joined […]