Hi everyone!

I cannot believe it is my tenth post already! I have definitely learnt a lot these few months, about society and myself, the good and the bad. I have to admit that before I started this blog I had just assumed that circular economy = recycling, which it absolutely is not! Although recycling is definitely a component of circular economy, it is so much more than that.  It includes repurposing, repairing, reusing and ensuring that waste is not imported out and disposed of in another country.

Throughout my research for these posts, I have also been constantly reminded of the need to ensure that I try my best to go deeper into issues and not just skim the issue and take everything on the news at face-value. For example, whatwe commonly know as “recycling in Singapore” is not part of this economy as we only sort our recycled waste in Singapore but do not repurpose and circulate them back into our country. Although there are reports in our national newspapers on this, I truly believe that more attention needs to be given to this issue as many of us assume that Singapore’s blue bins are sufficient in Singapore’s recycling efforts.

However, the nine posts were definitely not enough for me to cover all, and the depth, of the potential of the circular economy, and I will undoubtedly be reading more about this topic. Nevertheless, thank you for all your thought-provoking comments and the new articles recommended to me! Till then!