Hi there!

Welcome to my environmental blog! I am really excited to start this blog as I begin to share and find out more about my topic of ‘From a linear to circular economy’.

But before we go on to the theme of my blog, I shall introduce myself. My name is Victoria and I am currently a Year 1 student pursuing a Bachelor of Environmental Studies at the National University of Singapore (NUS).

That’s me on the extreme right with my classmates at ‘Sky Greens’! SOURCE: Audrey Lim

Why Circular Economy?

A few months ago, I came across the term ‘circular economy’, which was completely new to me. However, upon further research, I realised that this term has been around for some time, more so in industries and less for laypersons like me. A circular economy encompasses a lot of what sustainability encourages – reducing waste and maximising the usage of resources already produced, (aka recycling). It emphasises on closed-loop production, where an entity does not import any new resources from outside its borders or outsource the disposal of its waste, pers comm, Coleman. According to the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, the three basic principles of a circular economy are: (Source)

  1. Design out waste and pollution
  2. Keep products and materials in use
  3. Regenerate natural systems 

Sustainability and Singapore

On 18 August 2019, at the annual Singapore National Day Rally, our Prime Minister, Mr Lee, brought up the topic of climate change and how Singapore is likely to undergo major unheard-of environmental changes in the next few decades. (Source)

On 4 September 2019, major supermarket chain NTUC and fast-food giant McDonald’s announced that they are going to implement a few changes to reduce plastic wastage. NTUC announced that they are going to start charging customers for plastic bags at seven outlets island-wide and ten McDonald’s outlets have begun to replace some single-use plastic items with sustainable alternatives. These outlets have also stopped carrying plastic straws! (Source)

Personally, I am really heartened to see that more companies in Singapore have started to take these steps towards a society that wastes and consumes less. However, I believe that a lot more has to be done if we truly want to do our part for the planet. 

With all that said, I hope that my blog will give you and me the opportunity to dive deeper into what Singapore has done well to build a circular economy and how we can improve going forward!