Our research articles are cited in the IPCC AR6 report

The IPCC released its AR6 report from the Working Group II, entitled “Climate Change 2022: Impacts, Adaptation and Vulnerability”.

Three of our papers were cited in the report to support the evidence of climate change on soil erosion and sediment loads. (Chapter 4 on Water and Cross chapter 5 on mountains).

Below are the examples:

Page 213, Lines56-57: “Substantial increases in sediment flux were identified on the Tibetan Plateau (Li et al., 2020a; Li et al., 2021a), e.g. the sediment load from the Tuotuohe headwater increased by 135% from 1985-1997 to 1998-2016, mainly due to climate change (Li et al., 2020a).

Page 214: “Declining erosion trends are primarily associated with soil conservation management in northern Germany (Steinhoff-Knopp and Burkhard, 2018) and reforestation in southwestern China (Zhou and Li et al., 2020).”

Page 55 in the cross chapter on Mountains: “The effects of climate and environmental changes in upstream areas on downstream water quantity and quality, including nutrient, pollutant, heavy metals, and sediment flux, have only been assessed in a limited number of catchments (Rakhmatullaev et al., 2009; Dong et al., 2015; Milner et al., 2017; Ilyashuk et al., 2018; Lane et al., 2019; Li et al., 2020; Chen et al., 2021).”


The three articles are:

The three articles are:

Li, D., Overeem, I., Kettner, A. J., Zhou, Y., & Xixi, L. (2021). Air temperature regulates erodible landscape, water and sediment fluxes in the permafrost‐dominated catchment on the Tibetan Plateau. Water Resources Research, 57(2), e2020WR028193.
Li, D., Li, Z., Zhou, Y., & Lu, X. (2020). Substantial increases in the water and sediment fluxes in the headwater region of the Tibetan Plateau in response to global warming. Geophysical Research Letters, 47(11), e2020GL087745.
Zhou, Y., Li, D.*, Lu, J., Yao, S., Yan, X., Jin, Z., … & Lu, X. X. (2020). Distinguishing the multiple controls on the decreased sediment flux in the Jialing River basin of the Yangtze River, Southwestern China. Catena, 193, 104593. (Corresponding author) (JCR-Q1, IF: 5.2)



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