The long-held notion that the processing power of computers increases exponentially every couple of years has hit its limit, according to Jensen Huang (CEO, Nvidia). But not everyone agrees.

This isn’t the first time Huang has declared Moore’s Law to be over. He’s made similar comments over the past couple of years.

Intel, for its part, doesn’t think Moore’s Law is dead. Companies are just finding new ways to keep it going, like Intel’s new 3D chip stacking. The manufacturing technology it calls Foveros stacks different chip elements directly on top of each other, a move that should dramatically increase performance and the range of chips Intel can profitably sell.

“Elements of this debate have been going on since the early 2000s,” Intel Chief Technology Officer Michael Mayberry said in an EETimes post in August. “Meanwhile, technologists ignore the debate and keep making progress.”

A piece from Robert Chau of Intel, suitably titled “A bright future for Moore’s Law”.

Could Apple’s 5 Nanometer Chip Is Another Signpost That Moore’s Law Is Running Out?

And “Moore’s Law Is Dead. Long Live Huang’s Law“! From the cited WSJ article:

Between November 2012 and this May, performance of Nvidia’s chips increased 317 times for an important class of AI calculations, says Bill Dally, chief scientist and senior vice president of research at Nvidia. On average, in other words, the performance of these chips more than doubled every year, a rate of progress that makes Moore’s Law pale in comparison.

An article by philosopher Gary Gutting:

Do you say “thank you” to Siri or Alexa? I have friends who do. They’re a bit sheepish about it, since they know the voices are just electronic systems set up to simulate human interactions. But if you watch the movie Her you may start to wonder whether a much more sophisticated operating system just might be a person: even a person you could love.

From Medium: “The rise of the simulation theory tells us a lot about how we live now” — What If Reality Isn’t Real?

Have you started to get the feeling lately that nothing is real? That the world seems to be testing your credulity or cracking around the edges? You’re not alone.

Recently I’ve had this weird feeling, kind of like I’m the eponymous character in The Truman Show, in the sense that I feel like I’m living in a world that seems real, but one that I can also sense cracking around the edges, failing to connect at times in unsettling ways.