Update: If you are unsure how to look up a past quiz, see this. If you are still unsure about the design and intention behind the quizzes, see this.

Now that all the quizzes are in, I took a closer look at how the distribution works out. First, the raw distribution, taking all 10 quizzes (most updated version):

Now, taking only the best 9 of each student’s quizzes:

A few students mentioned how hard the quizzes were in the Module Design Feedback, and suggest that we take the best 7 or 8 of 10 instead. Now, nothing will change for this semester since I’d rather not be shifting announced assessment criteria. But I ran the numbers for what the distribution would look like for the best 8 of each student’s quizzes:I’m mostly indifferent between best 9 of 10 and best 8 of 10 distributions. The best 9 of 10 distribution is smoother, but that’s not the only consideration. The whole point of doing best N of 10 was to (a) give students a chance to warm up and get used to the rigor of the quizzes, and (b) not make their overall score hostage to a one-off bad performance. Anyway, food for my own thoughts here…