I’m in the process of collating your peer review for the Special Project. The overall impression reading the comments on group dynamics is that most students had a positive experience with the group–in some cases, even a very positive experience. The peer ratings collected are distributed as follows:

In other words, not including self-ratings, 81% of the ratings are in the good-very good zone, 16% in neutral, and 3% in the ‘bad’ zone (or “no idea what the person did”). Overall This is very good, comparable to the previous year.  Looking at the comments on the group, many of you obviously enjoyed yourselves doing the project.

But as with previously, there are a few groups that didn’t quite work out well. It’s unfortunate, but it’s also hard to guarantee that everything will go swimmingly in a class of 400+.  All of the negative ratings are located within 28 groups, out of a total of 88 groups. And for 19 of these, we are talking about 1-2 negative ratings out of around 25 (for five members):

The tutors will follow up in all cases–we are committed to fairness.

If I managed to find time, I’ll post further analysis.