Medical Social Work in Singapore: Context and Practice

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Medical Social Work in Singapore: Context and Practice (2020) 

By Lee Geok Ling and Goh Soon Noi

World Scientific

Medical social work in Singapore traces its roots to the post-war period. This textbook documents the historical development and evolution of the medical social work profession in Singapore, as well as the specialist work done in the profession.

The first part of the book gives an overview to the field in Singapore. It provides information which is considered as fundamental and core to medical social workers across the various medical or healthcare settings. The second part focuses on the selected practice areas and adopts an integral approach to discuss theory and practice.

This book is essential for social work students who wish to learn from a range of examples of good social work practice, presented from human developmental perspectives and in sufficient breadth to provide a reasonable overview of social work practice in health care. This book also provides added lens for medical, nursing and other allied health students and practitioners who wish to better understand their patients and families.

medical social work in sg

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