‘A theory of devotional conservation: A preliminary proposal’ by Prof Maurizio Peleggi ranks in Academia.edu’s top 0.1%

Congratulations to Professor Maurizio Peleggi (NUS Department of History), whose ‘A theory of devotional conservation: A preliminary proposal’, published in January 2021 on Academia Letters, Academia.edu’s new peer-reviewed electronic outlet, has so far received more than 4,500 views from all over the world, ranking in the website’s top 0.1%!

Moreover, the publication is featured on Academia.edu’s webpage promoting Academia Letters with just four other papers and is the only one by an author not based in an North American academic institution.

Prof Peleggi fully articulates the concept of devotional conservation in an article that will appear in Res: Anthropology and Aesthetics, published by Chicago University Press in association with Harvard’s Peabody Museum of Archaeology.

istock stock photo by bloodua
Buddhist temple Wat Kaew Manee Si Mahathat near Phuket in Thailand on a summer day, istock/bloodua


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