Tier 1 Grants, Round 3, FY2019

Congratulations to the FASS awardees of MOE Tier 1 Grants for Round Three of FY2019!

  Esther Goh Examining the role of gratitude in the adaptive pathways of low-income children and mothers in Singapore by A/P Esther Goh (Social Work)
Life after Oil Palm: is Agroforestry a Possible Solution? by Dr Massimo Lupascu (Geography)
Epistemology Beyond Belief by Dr Robert Beddor (Philosophy)
Jan Mrazek One East to Another: Eastern European Travels in Colonial Southeast Asia by A/P Jan Mrazek (Southeast Asian Studies)

Bridging Vajrayana Buddhism and Science to Enhance Human Cognition by A/P Maria Kozhevnikov (Psychology)


Symposium on Social and Economic Networks, Singapore 2020 by A/P Zhou Junjie (Economics)
Auction and Contest Design by Prof Lu Jingfeng (Economics)
seo Studies on the Shape Restrictions for Economic and Financial Applications by Dr Seo Juwon (Economics)
Shifting Grounds: The Impact of the US-China Trade War on Trade and Investment in ASEAN by A/P Kim Soo Yeon (Political Science)
Data Journalism in Asia: Investigating the Growth and Practice of Data Journalism in Singapore and Hong Kong by Dr Wu Shangyuan

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