Publication of the Month: June 2019

Independent Timor-Leste: Between Coercion and Consent

Douglas Kammen
Cambridge University Press

This Element explores the primary modes by which rulers have exercised power and shaped independent timor-lestepolitical relations in Timor-Leste across four distinct periods. The contrast between coercion under colonial rule and consent expressed through the 1999 referendum on independence exerted a powerful influence on scholarship on Timor-Leste’s politics and future. Since the restoration of independence in 2002, however, politics in Timor-Leste are best understood in terms of powerful economic constraints during the first Fretilin government (2002-06), and thereafter, thanks to revenue from the country’s petroleum reserves, a ruling strategy based on a wide range of inducements (rather than genuine consent).

Kammen, D. Independent Timor-Leste: Between Coercion and Consent (Cambridge University Press, 2019).

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