Tier 1 Grants, Rounds 3 and 4, FY2018

Congratulations to the FASS awardees of MOE Tier 1 Grants for Rounds Three and Four of FY2018!

Round Three

  lee chengpang Civic Life of Cities: A Global Collaborative Project on the Cities and the Evolution of the Nonprofit and Social Sector by Dr Lee Chengpang (Sociology)
 IrvinChanJohnson Exploring the Social Life of Balinese Masks by A/P Irving Chan Johnson (Southeast Asian Studies)
 deborah shamoon On Text and Image: New Directions in Formal and Narrative Analysis of Manga and Comics by A/P Deborah Michelle Shamoon (Japanese Studies)
yi junjian Dynamic health insurance choice and optimal insurance design in Singapore by Dr Yi Junjian (Economics)
 alberto salvo How Do Environmental Shocks Impact Singaporeans? Learning about the Nation’s Adaptation to Hotter Weather by A/P Alberto Salvo (Economics)
 indranil chakraborty Competitive Procurement Contracting by A/P Indranil Chakraborty (Economics)
michael yoshitaka erlewine Workshop on Approaches to Wh-Intervention by Dr Michael Yoshitaka Erlewine (English Language & Literature)

Round Four

zhang_weiyu The Chinese Internet Research Conference 2019 + Grant workshop by A/P Zhang Weiyu (Communications and New Media)
  Irene_Ng Working with Low-income Families through the Life Course: Challenges to Social Services by A/P Irene Y.H. Ng (Social Service Research Centre)
 Woon Chih Yuan The Geographies, Geopolitics and Infrastructures of Postcolonial Theory: An International Symposium by A/P Woon Chih Yuan (Geography)
 mie_hiramoto Colloquial Singapore English in Social Media and Other Forms of Messaging by A/P Mie Hiramoto (English Language & Literature)
 sun yeneng Elimination of Randomness in Economics by Prof Sun Yeneng (Economics)

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