Dr Patricia Chen Embarks Upon Research on Scalable Mind-set Interventions to Nurture Strategic, Self-Regulated Learners

Hearty congratulations to Assistant Professor Patricia Chen! The NUS Department of patricia chenPsychology faculty member has been awarded a grant worth S$449,970 from the Singapore Millennium Foundation (SMF) for a study titled ‘Scalable Mind-set Interventions to Nurture Strategic, Self-Regulated Learners’.

The research project can be summarized as follows: In today’s world where learning resources are plentiful and accessible, self-regulatory strategies are important for lifelong learning. The challenge is how to effectively develop a mindset that fosters these strategic learning behaviours. The project’s goal is to develop “strategic mindset” interventions, which nurture a chronic mindset that drives agentic strategy use in (1) preschool children and (2) tertiary-level learners. The researchers will use cutting-edge social psychological intervention methods to design two precise and scalable strategic mindset interventions. They will rigorously test the effectiveness of the interventions using randomized, controlled experiments in the laboratory and in classrooms.

Learn more about the study on Dr Chen’s website: https://www.patriciachen.com/research

Asian female oversea college student raising her hand asking question in the classroom while studying

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