Publication of the Month: July 2018

Friendship and work culture of women managers in Japan: Tokyo after TenFriendship and Work Culture of Women Managers in Japan: Tokyo After Ten
Ho Swee Lin


Drawing on ethnographic data gathered from fieldwork spanning a 15-year period, this book offers new insights into understanding the lives and experiences of women managers in Japan. Based on empirical case studies, it explores the ways in which professional women in Tokyo creatively mobilize their friendships as a strategic site for mitigating the disappointments in their working lives, and conceptualizing new understandings of independence and equality. It analyses their use of language, time, space and money to negotiate new identities in an increasingly flexible work environment. In examining the challenges and opportunities faced by these corporate workers, this book also extends anthropological debates about the changing meaning and importance of work for women, as well as their relationship with money and separation from the realm of domesticity.

Ho, S. L. Friendship and Work Culture of Women Managers in Japan: Tokyo After Ten (Routledge, 2018).

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