Publication of the Month: June 2018

Brexit and shifting geographies of financial centres in Asia

Lai, Karen P.Y. and Pan, Fenghua


'Shophouses and Skyscrapers' from SRN's SG Photobank
‘Shophouses and Skyscrapers’ from SRN’s SG Photobank

Brexit could have profound impacts on the global financial landscape, as the global economy and financial markets are increasingly inter-connected. London’s role as the top international financial centre in Europe could be threatened due to the uncertain consequences of Brexit. Therefore, the geographies of Asian financial centres might shift as a result of Brexit, since London plays a central role in the existing global financial centre networks and many Asian financial centres, such as Hong Kong and Singapore, have strong financial connections with London. On the one hand, how Asian financial centres are linked with London and other European financial centres is key to understanding the potential impacts of Brexit on them. On the other hand, the reactions to Brexit of Asian economies, in particular, China, will also influence the role of London as a financial centre.


Lai, K. P.Y. and Pan, F. (2018). ‘Brexit and shifting geographies of financial centres in Asia’, Geoforum,

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