Approved Faculty Research Cluster Tier 1 Grants for FY2017, Round 2

Congratulations to the following FASS faculty members on their successful Tier 1 Grant applications!

Name of PI Host Department Project Title
A/P Irene Y. H. NgIrene SSR How much to Give? An Experimental Approach to Understanding Financial Disbursement Decisions to Low-income Households
Prof Jean Yeung
CFPR 2018 International Sociological Association Joint Conference for Research Committees on RC06 (Family) and RC41 (Population)
A/P Gyanesh Kudaisya
South Asian Studies Post-Colonial Formations: India, c.1950 to 1971
A/P Douglas Anton Kammen Southeast Asian Studies Contested Territoriality in Indonesia: Provincial Proliferation and Regionalism
Prof John Richardson English Language & Literature Eighteenth-Century War Representation
A/P Yosuke Sato English Language & Literature Current Issues in Comparative Minimalist Syntax through Asian Perspectives
A/P Hu Guangzhou, Albert
Economics The Role of State-owned Enterprises in China’s R&D intensification
Dr Park Jungjae Economics Currency Composition of Sovereign Debt and Firms’ Debt Management
Dr Ko Chiu Yu Economics Fair, Reasonable and Non-discrimination Compensation
A/P Tim Bunnell
Geography Summer Institute in Urban Studies (SIUS) 2018
Prof James Sidaway Geography Cities, Denizens and States: illuminated through the lives of Pakistani migrant workers in Arabia and Southern Europe


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