18 August: Strategies for Successful Grant Proposal Writing

Strategies for Successful Grant Proposal Writing
A Panel Discussion with A/P Tim Bunnell, Prof Kenneth Dean, & A/P Soo Yeon Kim

Date & Time: Friday, 18th of August, 2017, from 3 to 4:30pm


2:45-3pm: Registration & Refreshments

3-3:05pm: Opening Remarks & Introduction of Panellists by Chair, Prof Lionel Wee, FASS VDR

3:05-3:20pm: Talk by A/P Tim Bunnell

3:20-3:35pm: Talk by Prof Kenneth Dean

3:35-3:50pm: Talk by A/P Soo Yeon Kim

3:50-4:25pm: Q & A

4:25-4:30: Closing Remarks by Chair

4:30-4:45: Refreshments

About the Discussion

The panellists are all FASS faculty members who have successfully obtained large grant funding (i.e. PIs for Tier 2 grants) from MOE. They will speak candidly about their experiences with the grant process – identifying the topic, putting together the research team, writing the proposal, budgeting, reporting, and complying with the grant rules. The discussion will touch on any problems/issues the PIs have experienced with the process, to what extent these were overcome, the ways in which grant funding for research in the social sciences and humanities could be improved, and advice for colleagues who are considering applying for grants.

About the Panellists

Tim BunnellTim Bunnell is Associate Professor in the Department of Geography. He works primarily on issues of urban transformation in Southeast Asia and connections between that region and other parts of the world. His latest book, From World City to the World in One City: Liverpool through Malay Lives, was published by Wiley in 2016. Tim was Principal Investigator for a comparative urban studies research project on aspirations in Asia that officially ended in July 2016. ‘Aspirations, Urban Governance and the Remaking of Asian Cities’ was funded by the Singapore Ministry of Education’s Academic Research Fund (AcRF Tier 2). The project involved collaboration with Daniel P.S. Goh and Eric C. Thompson (as Co-PIs) and a range of other scholars in the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences and at the Asia Research Institute.


Kenneth DeanProfessor Kenneth Dean joined the NUS Department of Chinese Studies as Head in 2015. He received his PhD and MA in Chinese from Stanford University and is Lee Chair and James McGill Professor Emeritus of McGill University. Prof Dean is the author of several books on Daoism and Chinese popular religion, and his most recent book is the two volume Chinese Epigraphy in Singapore, 1819-1911 (2017, NUS Press), co-authored by Hue Guan Thye. In addition, he directed Bored in Heaven: a film about ritual sensation (2010), an 80 minute documentary film on ritual celebrations around Chinese New Year in Putian, Fujian, China. He is Principal Investigator on ‘A Singapore Historical GIS Analysis: The transformations of Chinese institutions’ (MOE Tier 2, 2016-2019). The grant’s website can be accessed here.

Soo Yeon KimAssociate Professor Soo Yeon Kim joined the NUS Department of Political Science in July 2011. She holds a PhD in Political Science from Yale University and a BA in Political Science and International Studies from Yonsei University. A/P Kim’s research and teaching areas are International Political Economy, International Political Economy of Asia, and Research Methods, with a specialization in trade politics. She is the author of Power and the Governance of Global Trade (2011, Series in Political Economy, Cornell University Press). Her current research focuses on free trade agreements in Asia and on rising powers in the global economy. She is Principal Investigator on the MOE AcRF Tier 2 Grant, ‘From Emerging Markets to Rising Powers? Power Shift in International Economic Governance,’ (2015-2018). The grant’s website can be accessed here.


As the venue seats 25 only, RSVP your attendance to Rachel at fasrda at nus.edu.sg with your full name and title by Thursday, 17th August.
This event is open to NUS faculty members and research staff only, and aimed at social science and humanities researchers.

Thank you and we hope to see you there!

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