Publication of the Month: March 2017

The Player’s Power to Change the Game: Ludic Mutation
Anne-Marie Schleiner
Amsterdam University Press

ludicmutationIn recent decades, what could be considered a gamification of the world has occurred, as the ties between games and activism, games and war, and games and the city grow ever stronger. In this book, Anne-Marie Schleiner explores a concept she calls “ludic mutation,” a transformative process in which the player, who is expected to engage in the preprogrammed interactions of the game and accept its imposed subjective constraints, seizes back some of the power otherwise lost to the game itself. Crucially, this power grab is also relevant beyond the game because players then see the external world as material to be reconfigured, an approach with important ramifications for everything from social activism to contemporary warfare.

Schleiner, A. The Player’s Power to Change the Game: Ludic Mutation (Amsterdam UP, 2017).

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