Every dollar makes a difference

We have never started out with the intention to carry out a donation drive of any sort, and throughout the sale, we have also made it very clear to anyone purchasing the books that we are not holding a donation drive (even though the proceeds will go to the FASS Graduate Student Help Fund).

The history graduate community have been talking about tidying up the Graduate room and sorting out the copious number of books that have accumulated over the years for a while but we always seem to lack the momentum and motivation to gather everyone together to do something about it.

A little tired of the lack of progress, I put out a call for action and several of my peers responded to the call. We thought that if we simply donated the books or put them in the recycling bin, it is too much of a waste– some of the titles are really great. As such, we thought of holding a book sale; this way, the books will go to someone who really wants them and we can actually tidy up the graduate room.

Thus, I would really like to thank Tony, Che-Wei, Sufei and Thawdar for taking the time to help in the setting-up and the manning of the book sale, and Kuan Huai for dropping by to offer moral support. Tony and Che-Wei were instrumental in de-cluttering and sorting out the books in preparation of the sale, and Sufei has also assisted tremendously in the moving of books to the stall. The sale would not have been possible without the help that everyone has pinched in. We have collected a total of $378.50, and the sum was donated to the FASS Graduate Student Help Fund. It is not a huge amount by any means, but we hope that every dollar makes a difference. 🙂

Wang Shuqin Sandy
Current MA candidate in History


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