Internship with Police Intelligence Department

Police Intelligence Department
Singapore Police Force
Internship Programme 2018

Recruitment Criteria

  • The Internship Programme is opened to NUS, NTU and SMU students only.
  • Recruitment is only open to Year 3 students from the following faculties:
    – NUS Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences
    – NUS Faculty of Science
    – NTU School of Biological Sciences
    – NTU College of Science Deans Office
    – NTU College of Humanities, Arts, & Social Sciences
    – SMU School of Social Sciences
  • ¬†Shortlisted applicants can expect to be subject to interviews and security clearance

Internship Details

  • Unstructured i.e. internship need not be limited to the vacation period
  • The intern need not come into office everyday Monday to Friday but PID can stipulate the number of full work days per week or specific days that the intern must report to office

Duration & Deliverables of Internship

  • Duration of the internship is 6 months long
  • The intern is expected to produce a minimum of one report and one presentation.

Synopsis of Research Area for Intern

  • Conduct open source research into the broad area of genetic research and look into developments in the areas listed below (not an exhaustive list).
    – Genetic editing
    – Genetic modification
    – Synthetic biology
    – Stem Cell research
    – Genetic testing
    – Bioethics
  • Highlight the potential implications to law and order (in particular, relating to policing concerns) and the legislative framework.
  • The research should also cover perspectives of various stakeholders, interest groups, non-governmental organisations (NGOs) and any other relevant groups.
    Application Details
  • Submit the internship application form, your resume and a one-page write-up (in Times New Roman, font size 12) on the above-mentioned research area to:
    o ; and
  • Include your faculty, major and minor (if any) in your resume.
  • Application will close on 31 Oct 2017, 2359hrs. Your application will not be considered if the write-up exceeds one page.

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