Guided trail to offer glimpse of WWII in Singapore (Top of the News, Page A10)

Friday, 3 February 2017

The Straits Times

In today’s edition of The Straits Times, it was reported that Dr Mohamed Effendy, a lecturer from the Department of History at the NUS Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, will be leading a three-hour walking tour named “The Last Days of Empire” with students. This is one of 11 guided tours organised by the National Heritage Board and other partners to mark the 75th anniversary of the Fall of Singapore. The walking tour starts at the University Cultural Centre and will take participants to a World War II memorial plaque at University Town, which marks the site where 10 allied commandos in Operation Rimau were executed by the Japanese after a failed operation in 1944. The tour will end at the Old Ford Factory, the site where British forces surrendered Singapore to the Japanese army on 15 February 1942.

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