Study Title: Implementing and evaluating the impact of a new science communication syllabus

Researchers: Dr Sirinut Sawatdeenarunat & Mr Jonathan Tang, Centre for English Language Communication (CELC), National University of Singapore.

Purpose: This research aims to evaluate the effectiveness of a new science communication syllabus which focuses on making science writing comprehensible and interesting to non-scientists.

Benefits for participants: You will be reimbursed $40 for your time spent in participating in one reading session (up to 4 hours).

Participants: Any National University of Singapore (NUS) undergraduate who has not taken a science module in the university.

Reading session (up to 4 hours)

  • Participants will read 5 science news articles (approximately 800-1,000 words) which aim to inform and interest non-scientists of a new development in science.
  • Participants will rate the article using a 5-point scale regarding its comprehensibility and newsworthy value.
  • Participants will also answer 5 questions by selecting whether the given statement is True or False based on the content of the article.

Sessions will be held in January – March 2017 at CELC (10 Architecture Drive). You can select from 4 to 6 sessions to suit your availability.

If you are interested to participate, please contact Marion Tan via email at stating your name, major and contact number by Friday 20 January 2017.

Also, if you have any friends who have not taken a science module in the university and might be interested to participate, please help to pass this message on to them as well.

Thank you!


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