Vigilante patriots in Assam

Monday, 31 October 2016

The Statesman

This was an article contribution by Mr Suraj Gogoi from the Department of Sociology at NUS Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences and Associate Professor Prasenjit Biswas from North Eastern Hill University, India. The authors discussed the vigilante propensity in Assam, India, for proclaiming bans and indulging in castigation, with the latest ‘call to arms’ that concerns a diktat to embargo ‘Chinese products’ and to refrain from buying or selling these. The authors opined that the current sprees of agitations against foreigners and foreign goods stems from a self-disparaging sense of insecurity that creates more problems than can be solved. They added that this leads to social and cultural paranoia of a variety that turns the imagination virile, as it keeps generating talks about loss, be it the Brahmaputra or the official status of language and culture.

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