The tale of a queen and a historic heroine, The study of indomitable women

29 February 2016

Berita Harian

In a recent lecture by Assistant Professor Sher Banu Abdul Latif Khan, Department of Malay Studies, entitled “I am chosen by God”, she dsicussed the leadership of the famous female monarch Sultanah Safiatuddin Syah who ruled Aceh between 1641 and 1675 upon the demise of her husband. The Sultanah had established her own sophisticated style of stable leadership using Islamic ideas to legitimise her authority within male elites. She also successfully dealt with European foreign envoys who constantly pressured Aceh for concessions and managed to retain Aceh’s independence. The lecture was part of the Jalinan-Budi 2016 Seminar series that was organised by the Malay Language and Culture Division at NIE.

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