Make a difference, impact lives: Meet Social Service Professionals

The Centre for Future-ready Graduates and National Council of Social Service (NCSS) is proud to bring to you the opportunity to meet with 3 Social Service Professionals, who will also be our panelists, to discuss about pertinent topics with regards to your questions about the Social Service Sector.

“What opportunities are available to me in this sector if I’m not a Social Work graduate?”

“Is a job in the Social Service Sector emotionally draining? How do you cope with the demands of the job?”

Join us as we debunk the myths of the Social Service Sector, and share about opportunities for both Social Work and non-Social Work majors!

Come and find out more about this rewarding and fulfilling career path and what role you can play in the sector!

<Click here> to sign up for the event, registration deadline: 14 Sep, Mon

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CFG 09-09-2015

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