Intricacy – An Exhibition of Artwork by Students of SE3224: Thai Drawing and Painting


“Intricacy – An Exhibition of Artwork by Students of SE3224: Thai Drawing and Painting” opened its doors to the campus on 9 September at the Central Library.

The exhibition was co-organised by FASS Department of Southeast Asian Studies and the Thai Language Programme, Centre of Language of Studies. Students and faculty members alike were treated to a visual feast of artworks by students who took the module SE3224: Thai Drawing and painting.


A showcase of intricate motifs

A total of 18 artworks were featured during the exhibition. It was a showcase of intricate decorative motifs and varied interpretations of Thai classical art.

Chen Lu, a Year 4 Bachelor of Computing in Information Systems student said, “The paintings are extremely detailed; the colours, the way they painted them allowed me to have a glimpse of the Thai culture and beliefs – so it was really impressive.”

Visitors were able to try Thai Art themselves

Additionally, visitors were able to see the preparatory work behind the creation of the artworks; Thai Art reference books, student sketchbooks as well as the type of paints and colours used were on display.

Thai Art reference books were on display at the exhibition as well


Traditional Thai colours that were obtained by mixing natural pigments

The module, facilitated by Assoc Prof Irving Johnson, is the first Thai art class to be conducted in Singapore and it introduces students to the art of traditional Thai painting through a combination of analysis of scholarly texts and hands-on sessions.

The exhibition will run till 14 September 2015.

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