LSE-NUS Lecture Series: Prof Brian Farrell speaks at LSE in October 2014

Cross-Border Cross Referencing: sorting out Indonesian confrontation in the field

On 8 October 2014 in the Alumni Theatre of the New Academic Building at the London School of Economics, Professor Brian Farrell gave a talk titled “Cross-Border Cross Referencing: sorting out Indonesian confrontation in the field”. Chaired by Dr Kirsten Schulze, the talk is viewable on the LSE YouTube channel here. Additionally, slides, audio, and video can be downloaded here.

Abstract: Indonesia ‘confronted’ the establishment of Malaysia in 1963 by waging an undeclared war, which included armed incursions across recognized international frontiers. The lecture will discuss the work of a military historian in the field and explore the role and perspectives of the local populations during this cross-border conflict.

About the Speaker: Brian Farrell is professor of military history and currently head of the Department of History at the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences at the National University of Singapore. His main areas of research interest are the military history of the British Empire, especially in the 20th century; the modern history of empires and imperialism, especially in Asia; the history of Western military power in Asia; and problems related to collective security and coalition warfare. He is currently acting as principal investigator on the major research project Empire in Asia: A New Global History, and serving as Asia-Pacific regional coordinator for the Society for Military History, the largest such professional organization in the world.

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