Five Malay youths among outstanding graduates

Tuesday 8 July 2014

Berita Harian

In today’s edition of Berita Harian, there was a feature on NUS Commencement 2014. In his address at the main commencement ceremony, NUS President Professor Tan Chorh Chuan encouraged graduates to convert dissatisfaction into concrete ideas and action for positive change, which can then lead to contribution to making things better, whether it be at work, or in the wider community.

The report also featured five Malay youths who excelled and were among the outstanding graduates at this year’s commencement, including Mr Faizal Abdul Aziz and Mr Afdhaluddin AB Rahman, from the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences; Mr Syed Ali Abdullah Aljunied, from School of Computing; Mr Afzal Ali, from the Faculty of Law, and Ms Nurul Azizah Johari, from the Faculty of Science.

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